My Craft Room

July 4, 2017 - Redoing the craft room.  The two white cabinets on the right are the new ones.  The shelves to the left are where all of my stamps are stored.

Here is a better view of the stamp storage area.

I bought this little cart.  I think it is called a Rascog (don't ask me why)  I was afraid my space was too little for the cart, but it is on casters and rolls easily.  It holds a ton of stuff too.

My crafting space is the smallest bedroom in our house.  It works out well, though, because I can reach just about everything from my chair.

The little rod with three pots is a new purchase.  I use it for my Zig markers.  I cleaned off my inspiration board and put up newer cards.  (These are cards that were sent to me from my crafting buddies.)

Can you find yourself on here?



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  2. I love seeing how others organize their supplies and craft rooms. Thanks so much for sharing - yours is lovely!

  3. I also get idea's from how some one else organizes their craft space. I'm forever moving things, then I can' remember where I put what where. Thank you for sharing

  4. Love your room heaps, adore those alex cabinets as well x

  5. LOVE your craft room. The lavender accents are wonderful....and you look so organized. Just beautiful!

  6. Very nice space. I love that little rack with the three buckets! So cute. All the best in your crafting.

  7. Good ideas from your craft room for smaller spaces like mine. What type of stamps do you usually work with?


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