Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Apron Strings


I love old fashioned aprons!
The set is called Apron Strings
and is from a company in Canada
called Pigment.

This one was stamped with  Print Shop Fresh Floral
from The Greetery.

This one was stamped with Make It Market Herb Garden
from Papertrey Ink.

This one was stamped with Lemon Blossom
from The Greetery.

This one was stamped with Pocketful of Joy
from Pigment.

My grandmother always wore an apron when she cooked.
She past away  twenty three years ago and
my uncle moved into her house.
After he past, it was my job to clean out
the house and get it ready to sell.
I moved the door in the kitchen and there hanging
on a hook was one of my grandmother's aprons.
This stamp set reminds me of her.

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  1. These are all so pretty. Reminds me of my grandmother who always wore aprons. There is a restaurant here in Bedford called "The Apron Strings" that has all kinds of new and old aprons decorating the walls.

  2. These are gorgeous! I did think it was a dress, duh! Pretty, pretty florals! My Grandmother wore one everyday in the kitchen! These are soooo pretty!

  3. These are all so pretty and nostalgic. My grandma wore aprons all the time too.

  4. How adorable, and mine is in the very front. I love that you have stamped on the patterns. They all look so vintage, something my grandma would wear. Super cute and nostalgic.

  5. Cute apron cards. That works so well for the cooks in the family!

  6. Aprons brings back some memories. Grandma and my Mom both wore them, but these are so much prettier that the ones that I remembered.


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