Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Lot's of Birthdays

 I watched a live at Gina K. Designs last night
where Gina was demonstrating the Kissing Technique.
I haven't used this technique in years, but it works
beautifully with her new Forever Flowers kit.

I stamped the outlines for the flowers in black and
then the Wild Dandelion layer.
I added Coral Reef to the Rose Lace background stamp and
then "kissed" my stamp to the background and
then stamped it on top of the Wild Dandelion.

It did the leaves the same way using Apple Mint and Lucky Clover.
The pink flowers were done using Bubblegum and Red Hot inks.

I used the beautiful Elegant Script stamp for the backgrounds.

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The Recipe:
GKD Elegant Script Background
GKD Rose Lace Background
GKD Forever Flowers Kit
GKD Bubblegum, Red Hot, Wild Dandelion, Coral Reef,  Black Onyx inks


  1. The flowers are just beautiful. I haven't tried that technique but will give it a go.

  2. These are lovely and look beautiful in both color choices. I forgot all about the kissing technique so I need to go watch that video.

  3. Best smooching I have ever seen! lol It's a wonderful technique and you have used it masterly here! These are beautiful cards!

  4. LOVE these. That technique is so stinkin' cool, and you have nailed it beautifully here. Great colors, and that scripty background is absolutely perfect for the whole design. I gotta go find some stamps and try this!!!!

  5. Beautiful!! I had forgotten about the kissing technique. I agree with Judy about the scripty background being perfect.

  6. A beautiful reminder with these lovely cards to try the kissing technique again. It used to be quite popular a few years ago and the resulting look is so gorgeous. You certainly made two gorgeous cards with it.

  7. Boy that kissing techniques really brings back memories of when I first joined Gina K. You have mastered it here and this card is so gorgeous. Fun to bring back old memories that we did.


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